Maplehurst Fence Company and Texas Fence Connection have successfully completed fence projects for the many satisfied clients. Find below some references of our work. To see photos of some of our completed work, go to photos of completed projects. You may also find some links to specific projects linked in references below.

MORGAN NALTY (800) 432-6507 Office

Morgan and his partner, Storey Charbonnet own and operate this private 1,200-acre hunting ranch in South Mississippi, where we built about 8 miles of 8' Solid Lock™ 20-96-6 wildlife fencing. Because a portion of the ranch is low and prone to flooding, special water gaps had to be constructed. Those water gaps exceeded our expectations during extensive flooding in the spring of 2001.

DAN ROE 011 528 305 1823 Office

During the summer and fall of 2000, we designed and constructed what is arguably the complete and comprehensive wildlife containment facility in North America. Built in the Mexican desert and mountains south of Big Bend National Park, this 22-mile fencing system now serves as an 11,000 acre breeding facility for desert big horn sheep. Because of the danger of predation from the numerous cougars and black bears in the vicinity, the fence has a finished height of 9', with a 4-strand predator barb offset on top, 2 high voltage offset electric wires and a 26"attached predator apron wire at ground level. Located in a remote part of Mexico 100 miles from the nearest town, and constructed partially on the desert floor and partially across two mountains, this project presented many challenges.

JEFF SWANK (850) 509-8631 Cell

We constructed about 5 miles of 8’ Solid Lock™20-96-6 wildlife fencing on this private hunting facility in northeast Louisiana. Located in a flood prone area, we had to design and construct a special water gap across a major creek, which rises 15' during heavy rains. Jeff later called for additional assistance, and we constructed a holding facility inside the main enclosure.

JACK HARRIS (800) 256-2114 Office

We built about 3-1/2 miles of 8' 20-96-12 Solid Lock™ game fence, along with two custom electric gates on this 500-acre plantation and hunting ranch in southern Mississippi. On the edge of the rugged Tunica Hills, the terrain was very hilly with soft topsoil, calling for additional bracing for the extreme terrain changes. In extreme conditions at the bottom of deep sandy draws, line posts were driven as deep as 22' to ensure stability.

Jack called us in later to construct a holding pen within the main facility.

Following completion of fencing, with consultation from Dr. James Kroll, Jack established a comprehensive white tail deer and exotic game management plan. The result is an outstanding herd of quality white tail deer and exotic game located on one of the most beautiful settings in the South. You can contact Harriswood's website for more information at

JOHNNY LETARDE (504) 654-8404 Office

As with many of our private ranch customers, Johnny has established a professionally managed white tail trophy hunting operation. With a nucleus of good base genetics in his local deer population, coupled with the introduction of individual animals with even better genetics, he has quickly established a quality family hunting operation. In five years of intensive management under high fence, Johnny has already seen a rise from 130-class bucks in 1995 to 182+ and 183+ bucks taken during the 2000 season.

We first constructed about 15,000 feet of 8' 20-96-6 Tight Lock™ fencing on Johnny's family hunting facility in the infamous Tunica Hills of Louisiana, with steep terrain and soft soils. We also designed and built a custom entry, complete with an electric gate.

Five years after the completion of his first fence, Johnny called us in to construct another 4 miles of fencing on a newly acquired tract adjacent to his original project. That project was completed in January 2001.

JOHN T. JONES (512) 632-3337 Office
J1S RANCH (512) 632-3334 Mobile

John and Sidney Jones live in Austin and operate both the J-ONE-S Ranch and J-ONE-S specialty meats, the largest supplier of venison to specialty restaurants in the Austin area. We built approximately eight miles of perimeter and cross fencing for John's J1S fallow deer, bison and exotic deer operation, along with two major water gaps, a complete handling facility, and a comprehensive lane system connecting his various pastures. This project, constructed entirely in rock, also included over 2,000 hours of land clearing and the installation of 80+ gates, and took almost a year to complete. The fencing used was primarily 96" 20-96-12 Solid Lock”.

KEVIN MEYER (830) 460-8326 Office
HI GATE RANCH (210) 260-8224 Mobile

We have now completed construction of more than 35 miles of high fence on this 1850-acre private family ranch in the Texas Hill Country near Bandera. It includes about ten miles of perimeter fencing, 25 miles of pens and cross fences, several miles of low fence, a new set of cattle working pens and a full-scale fallow deer working facility. The entire job was constructed in rock, and the fencing material selected was primarily 8'Tight Lock™ 20-96-6.

Hi Gate Ranch now holds a breeding herd that contains more than 1,500 fallow deer does and is the primary supplier for Goodheart Meats™.

The owner of Hi Gate Ranch later purchased another ranch in the Napa Valley in California, and we were called in to construct a black tail deer exclusion fence a vineyard and about four miles of boundary fencing on a mountain there.

We have also constructed a second fallow deer breeding and large-scale hay production facility near Medina, Texas, for the same owners of Hi Gate Ranch at Bandera. This job consisted of about 4 miles of Tight Lock™ 20-96-6 8' fencing around the perimeter, with an additional 3 miles of Tight Lock™ 17-75-6 6' fencing around three large center pivot irrigation systems. We also built catch pens and laneways on this facility, plus a 30,000 square foot hay storage barn. The combined ranches at Bandera and Medina already comprise the second largest fallow deer production facility in the country, and when completed, they will be the largest and most complete such facility anywhere.

CLINT SMITH (830) 640-3138 Office

Thunder Ranch, located near Kerrville, is probably the best known privately owned firearms training facility in the country. We completed several jobs on this 4,000-acre hill country ranch in 1996. The first was emergency reconstruction of several large water gaps, which had been poorly engineered and could not withstand some major floodwaters, which came across the ranch. We went back to Thunder Ranch to tear out about a mile of old 2-panel high fence which had been torn up by animals, and we replaced it with new Tight Lock™ 20-96-6 8' game fence. In 1997 we built a deer exclusion fence around a dangerous water tank, and we tore out and replaced another 3500‚ of low tensile game fence with Tight Lock™ 20-96-6. We will complete additional projects at Thunder Ranch as time permits.

TOMMY ARNIM (210) 225-6571

We constructed a Solid Lock” 20-96-6 perimeter fence in solid rock on part of this 22-section cattle and game ranch in the rugged Texas Hill Country near Medina. Scott Petty, owner of this ranch plus a number of ranches all over Texas, has told us that he has a lot more fence for us to build as time permits.


We built about 4-1/2 miles of 8' 20-96-6 Tight Lock™ perimeter fencing on Carroll's farm in Mississippi and Alabama south of Starkville. Because of extremely steep hills, additional bracing was required, and water gaps were necessary for crossing several creeks. The entire fence was built using 10' finished post heights to facilitate possible later installation of additional top wire if necessary. This facility will be used for the development of high quality white tail deer to create a private family hunting facility. Working with game biologists from Mississippi State University, Dr. Walker is currently putting together an outstanding managed white tail operation.

BOB WELKER (409) 878-2818

We have now completed two projects for Bob. The first was construction of about 10,000 feet of 8' Solid Lock™ 20-96-6 game fencing for a native white tail deer enclosure and exotic hunting facility on Bob's ranch near Brenham. The project included several major water gaps to facilitate drainage. Bob later called us again to construct cross fencing to keep his deer off newly planted food plots

DAVID MCGUIRE (314) 304-3242

We built 18,400‚ of perimeter fencing on a breeding farm for the zoo about 45 miles outside St. Louis. The zoo selected Tight Lock™ 20-96-6 8‚ fencing, and the project included 7 gates and about 60 pipe structures. Constructed on extremely hilly and rocky terrain, the project produced additional challenges for our crew due to a succession of ice, snow, and subzero temperatures followed by an unusually early thaw and then deep mud on the newly cleared fenceline. Four wheel drive vehicles and tractors, along with a Cat 977 track loader were necessary to complete the job.

JILL WOOD (512) 847-3205

Jill and Don Wood, who have one of the better known fallow deer operations in Texas with a working facility that is a model for the industry, chose Texas Fence Connection to build their last two additions. The first project, completed in 1996, consisted of about a mile of new laneways and pens, and the second addition consisted of another mile of laneways and cross fences, plus deer exclusion fencing around their house, completed in January 1998. Bryarwood Ranch, located near Wimberly in the Texas Hill Country, is very rocky, requiring that all pipe be drilled and set in concrete. The fencing material used was primarily Solid Lock™ 20-96-6 and 17-75-12. Jill has called us in to do addition work, and we have now completed four separate fencing projects there.

MIKE FRANKS (512) 596-7114

We constructed Tight Lock™ 17-75-6 perimeter fences, complete with a single strand electric predator wire, for production of ostriches under contract from VMG Ratite Cooperative for these three landowners.

KELLY SUTTON (210) 677-0000

We constructed a Solid Lock™ 20-96-6 perimeter fence for this outstanding exotic game and ratite exhibition and auction facility near San Antonio. Kelly contacted us recently to inquire about fencing two more ranches in the spring, one in the Austin area and one in east Texas. We will meet with him in the near future to go over those two projects.

BEA GRESSETT (713) 451-1733 Office
RATITE FACILITY (512) 798-9204 Ranch

We constructed a complete set of ten growout and breeding pens for Bea's Emu, ostrich and exotic game operation. Pens were constructed from a central barn out, using a common top-railed laneway. Fencing was 75" 17-75-6 Solid Lock™ and 72" 2x4" mesh nonclimb.

JOHN DIETERICH (210) 828-8326

We built a fallow deer facility for John just outside of San Antonio. A relatively small project, this facility consists of just under a mile of Solid Lock™ 96"20-96-6 fencing with buried perimeter barbed wire to discourage predators prevalent in the area.

DALE BELSOME (601) 795-8979

3 miles of 2096-6 on this private ranch

Stanley Welty (870) 308-7892
Lake Village, Arkansas

5 miles of 2096-6 inside the Mississippi River levee

See Photos of completed projects


A D D I T I O N A L  P R O J E C T S

The following list contains some of the additional work we have completed in the last 10 years. Although not a complete listing of our work, it is indicative of the scope of our construction activity. Contact information for these customers is available upon request.

7 Miles of 2096-6 for Texas Disposal Systems near Buda, Texas

4 Miles of 2096-6 and 1775-6 for Judy Watson's fallow deer farm near Goldthwaite, Texas

5 Miles of 2096-12 for Jamie Bone's private hunting ranch near Port Lavaca, Texas

3 Miles of 2096-6 for Michael White's private hunting plantation near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

2 Miles of 1775-6 deer exclusion fencing for Amalia Palmaz's vineyard near Napa, California

6 Miles of 2096-6 for Richard Cribb's private hunting ranch near Camden, Alabama

7 Miles of 2096-6 for Witt Stephen's private hunting ranch near Batesville, Arkansas

5 Miles of 2096-6 for Jerry Stafford's Samson's Retreat near Grantsburg, Illinois

5 Miles of 2096-6 for Cooper Tire around their new test facility in Pearsall, Texas

3500 feet of 2 X 4 non-climb for David Clark's miniature horse farm in New Waverly, Texas

4 Miles of 949-12 for Wayne Register's cattle ranch in New Waverly, Texas

2 Miles of additional 949-12 for Wayne Register's cattle ranch in New Waverly, Texas

4 Miles of 4-Rail Creosote and 1348-6 cattle fence for Kelly Ginn near Magnolia, Texas

10 Miles of 2096-6 for Kevin Lawrence's private hunting preserve in central Kentucky

6 Miles of 2096-6 for Morgan Nalty's private hunting ranch near Crossroads, Mississippi

4 Miles of 2096-6 for Scott Wadleigh's private hunting ranch near Poplarville, Mississippi

6 Miles of 2096-6 for Fred Fortier's private hunting ranch near Ripley, Mississippi

5 Miles of 2096-6 for Teddy Price's private hunting ranch near Pineville, Louisiana

6 Miles of 2096-6 for Jeff Swank's private hunting ranch near Delhi, Louisiana

30 acre deer enclosure for Jim Griffin in New Waverly, Texas

Comprehensive fencing on a private ranch for Kelly Ginn near Magnolia, Texas

3 deer exclosure facilities in Delta National Forests for Mississippi State University

3 deer exclosure facilities in Desoto National Forests for Mississippi State University

3 deer exclosure facilities in Tombigbee National Forests for Mississippi State University

Supplemental fencing for Bob Welker near Brenham, Texas

22 Miles of wildlife fencing for a bighorn sheep breeding facility near Boquilles, Mexico

2 Miles of 2096-6 for a private ranch near LaGrange, Texas

2 Miles of 2096-6 for Terry Reeve's private ranch near Vicksburg, Mississippi

7 Miles of 2096-6 for Walter Boasso's private ranch near Hattiesburg, Mississippi

4 Miles of additional 2096-6 on Johnny Letarde's ranch near St. Francisville, Louisiana

1 Mile of enclosure fencing completed for a private ranch near Bastrop, Texas

8000‚ of 2096-6 cross fencing completed for David Garza in Coahuila, Mexico

4 Miles of 2096-6 completed for Johnny LeTarde near St. Francisville, Louisiana

3 Miles of 2096-6 completed for Purcells' Inc. near Sylacauga, Alabama

2 Miles of 2096-6 completed for Scott Settoon south of Natchez, Mississippi

7 Miles of 2096-6 completed for Bryan Peeples near Woodbury, Georgia

5 Miles of 2096-6 completed for Fred Pape in Western Kentucky

2 Miles of 2096-6 completed for A.R. Ginn near Hempstead, Texas

4 Miles of 2096-6 completed for Sonny Lees near Carlisle, Mississippi

6000‚ of 2096-6 completed for Deer Creek Timber Company near Red Lick, Mississippi

5 Miles of 2096-6 completed for the municipal airport in Troy, Alabama

4 Miles of 2096-6 completed for Terry White near Belle Chase, Louisiana

6000' of deer enclosures near Mobile, Alabama

4 Miles of 2096-6 for a private ranch near Columbus, Texas

5 Miles of 2096-6 for Dean Halewyn's private ranch near Edna, Texas

5 Miles of 2096-6 for John Brady's private hunting resort near Des Allemands, Louisiana

4 Miles of 2096-6 for the Municipal Airport in Troy, Alabama

Deer exclusion fencing for the vineyards at Biltmore Estate in North Carolina

3 Miles of 2096-6 on a private ranch near Montgomery, Alabama

4 Miles of 2096-6 at Snow Lick Mountain Ranch in northern Arkansas

4 Miles of 2096-6 for Stanley Welty near Lake Village, Arkansas

2 Miles of 2096-6 for Scott Settoon near Natchez, Mississippi

4 Miles of predator apron for Sonny Lees near Port Gibson, Mississippi

7 Miles of 2096-6 for Ken Harris near Troy, Alabama

3 Miles of 1348 predator exclusion fencing for Dan Moultrie north of Montgomery, Alabama

4700‚ of 2096-6 boundary fencing for Murray Biedenharn near Ferriday, Louisiana

Comprehensive Deer handling facility for John Brady in south Louisiana

Security fencing for an apartment complex in Montgomery, Alabama

1348-6 holding pens for a horse ranch near Hockley, Texas

2 Miles of 1348-6 for a small game enclosure near Columbus, Texas

2 Miles of 2096-6 at Tara Wildlife near Vicksburg, Mississippi

4 Miles of 10‚ for the Wildenstein Estate in upstate New York

3 Miles of additional 2096-6 for Kevin Lawrence in western Kentucky

Cattle Fencing in Western Kentucky

Deer Pens for Ron Schmidt in Western Kentucky

Deer Pens for Dick Ryan in North Carolina

Additional 2096-6 deer exclusion fencing on the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina

9+ Miles of 2096-6 for Mickey Bee's private hunting ranch near
Natchez, Mississippi

1 Mile of 2096-6 for a private hunting ranch near Natchez, Mississippi

Additional 2096-6 for Dean Halewyn near Edna, Texas

Additional 2096-6 for Walter Boaso near Poplarville, Mississippi

2 Miles of Deer Pens for Ryan Hoerauf near Llano, Texas

7 Miles of 2-strand offset electric wire for Teddy Price in Central Louisiana

1 Mile of 2096-6 for Deer Creek Timber north of Natchez, Mississippi

2 Miles of 2096-6 for F & J Partners in South Texas

3 Miles of Cattle Fencing for Michael White near Port Allen, Louisiana

2 Miles of 2096-6 for Ralph Nanone near Taylor, Texas

1 Mile of 2096-6 and 3 Miles of Cattle Fencing on the Zachry Family near Laredo, Texas

Expansion of the Deer Handling Facilities at Mustang Creek Ranch near Salado, Texas

Additional 2096-6 at Pursell's in Talladega County, Alabama

4 Miles of 2096-6 for Hugh Sanderson near Prentiss, Mississippi

3 Miles of 2096-6 for Dan Kline near Jourdanton, Texas

8 Miles of 2096-6 for F & J Partners near George West, Texas

8000’ of 2096-6 Vineyard Fencing for Matt Family Orchards near Hockley, Texas

4-1/2 Miles of 2096-6 for the McClendon family near Laurel, Mississippi

Deer Exclusion Fencing for the State of Mississippi in Desoto National Forest

5 Miles of 2096-6 for Terry Bailey near Center, Texas

3 Miles of 2096-6 for Frank Turner near Selma, Alabama

3 Miles of 5’ dog exclusion for Glenn Heard near Franklin, Virginia

2 Miles of 2096-6 for Sandy Comeaux near Natchez, Mississippi

Additional 1-1/2 Miles of 2096-6 for the Jones family near Brownwood, Texas

See Photos of completed projects

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