Welcome to Maplehurst Fence Company.

Graeme R. Lawrence,
President of Maplehurst Fence Company, has specialized in deer farming since the early 1980’s.

Over the years he has developed the various skills that are necessary for deer farming and ranching, including designing and creating handling systems and farm layouts. Maplehurst Deer, Inc. has been building game fence and facilities for more than 24 years and has the experience, equipment and manpower to set up deer enterprises anywhere in the United States.

Ken Caracci
Ken sadly passed away in 2019. He was President of Texas Fence Connection, a corporate executive and avid hunter who owned a hunting ranch prior to leaving the corporate life to establish Texas Fence Connection in 1993.

With more than a decade of experience in the wildlife fencing industry, Ken had developed an international reputation for quality and integrity, utilizing the most modern equipment and experienced personnel to construct the finest wildlife fencing available at a reasonable cost.

He is sadly missed.

Maplehurst Fence Company and Texas Fence Connection joined forces in 2001 and together offer the most experienced management team in our industry. With satisfied customers from California to New York and from Canada to Mexico, we have the capability to design and construct the correct solution for any game fencing application. And, with our highly-skilled crews and combined purchasing power, we can provide that solution at a reasonable price in a very short period of time.


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